Mariangela Tempera


Mariangela Tempera – Professor of English Literature at the University of Ferrara since 2001 – was internationally known for her research on Shakespeare and popular media, a field of study in which she conducted pioneering work. In part this reputation was due to her long-running conference and book series “Dal testo alla scena” – devoted to the page-stage nexus in Shakespeare studies. She was also, in 2008, the co-founder of the Italian Association of Shakespearean and Early Modern Studies - IASEMS. Thanks to her untiring activity as coordinator of cultural initiatives, the University of Ferrara has become one of the major centres for the study of Shakespeare, allowing students to make themselves known in the field of Shakespeare Studies, and offering scholars an unparalleled collection of films and videos related to Shakespeare.

For a long time she was able to promote activities involving both academia and secondary schools. In 1992, thanks to  an agreement between the City Council and the University of Ferrara, she founded the "Shakesperean Centre", which she directed for two decades. The main aim of the Centre has been to promote the study and teaching of Shakespeare in Italy by inviting to Ferrara academics specialised in text and performance as well as by organising exhibitions and symposia.

Finally, Mariangela was the initiator an Erasmus Intensive Programme dedicated to Shakespeare in a transnational and interdisciplinary perspective. Year after year, she organized two-week programmes for students and staff from Ferrara, Berlin, Porto, and Utrecht, and set up a model which was further developed at the University of Porto and Charles University in Prague. The programme is still running.